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Heal-Thy Hair starts with Iyanu

We use 100% authentic organic and natural ingredients to ensure healthy hair that looks and feels its best. Our Organic Hair Growth Serum was formulated to penetrate damaged hair follicles for the purposes of repairing and healing unhealthy scalps and stimulating hair cell division at a cellular level. This product is blended with over 40+ organic herbs, minerals, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, and oils. Each element works closely in conjunction with one another to enforce healthy rapid hair growth. Our all-natural formulas are free of silicones, synthetic dyes, and other harmful ingredients. We only use high quality ingredients that are as nature intended to improve the health of your hair. 

Just like the health of a plant that grows from the soil it is in. Your scalp(soil) needs the proper nutrients for your hair cells to thrive, so that your hair can maintain its natural health!

~ IYANU ORGANICS  |  Heal-Thy Hair Cells



IYANU means "Miracle"

Iyanu, in Yoruba means “Miracle” quite fitting for two reasons; the cancer surviving status of the product’s creator and the effectiveness of the product.

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