Organic Hair Oils vs Chemical Based Hair Oils

Organic Hair Oils vs Chemical Based Hair Oils

In your search for the best hair oil, to make your hair grow faster and healthier, you’ve probably come across some brands that tout their product as organic, while others focus on how much of an impact it can have on stopping hair loss or regrowing thinning hair. The reality is that both options can be beneficial depending on your goals and needs, but one may be better suited to your personal preferences than the other. The key to choosing which type of hair oil will work best for you, lies in understanding the unique benefits offered by each option and deciding which one matches your requirements best.

Chemical-Based Hair Oils

As the name suggests, chemical-based hair oils are made using chemical compounds such as petroleum, mineral oil, or silicone. These products feel heavy on your hair, making it greasy and stiff after just a few hours. Although they are readily available at stores and supermarkets, because of their broad appeal and cheap price tags, they must be used with care. Chemical based hair products have been linked to various side effects ranging from scalp irritations to health issues.

Organic Oils

Organic hair oils are extracted from plant sources and do not include any harsh chemicals that can damage your hair or scalp, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Instead, organic oils will nourish your scalp with essential vitamins and nutrients to help thicken your hair, making it appear fuller and softer.
Organic hair oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, castor oil and coconut oil have grown in popularity recently because they are chemical-free and widely believed to contribute to healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Organic Hair Oils and Hair Growth/Regrowth

If you’re already suffering hair loss and are looking for ways to regrow your hair, it’s important you stick to organic hair oils. This will give your hair a fighting chance at growing healthier, without having to resort to harmful or chemical treatments like extensions or perms/relaxers. While hair regrowth takes time, using healthy products on your hair should encourage growth over time. This is why  Iyanu Organics hair oil sales are increasing rapidly every month.

Organic Hair Oils and Hair Growth/Regrowth

Many people are quickly switching to Iyanu Organics because:
  • Iyanu Organics hair oils improve hair thickness and reduce breakage.
  • Helps to grow more healthier-looking hair.
  • In addition to maintaining a healthy scalp and improving your hair’s overall appearance, using Iyanu Organics Nourishing Hair Oil can also reduce dandruff and other scalp conditions caused by dryness or chemical exposure.
  • Iyanu Organic hair oils are made without harsh chemicals, hence reducing health hazards.
  • Helps restore damaged hair follicles by feeding the root of your hair, while increasing blood circulation throughout the scalp area
  • Iyanu Organics hair oils contain vitamin E and fatty acids that make your hair look shinier without making it greasy or oily-looking.

Wrap Up

Are you looking to fight hair loss or start your healthy hair journey? Iyanu Organics is an excellent place to start. Iyanu Organics’ hair oil ingredients promote healthy hair growth, damaged scalp repair, and works to prevent hair loss by feeding and repairing the cells within your hair follicles. Don’t just heal your hair… heal thy hair cells with Iyanu Organics.

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